Amrei Luise Stammann

Articles and Software


“Latent unbalancedness in three-way gravity models”, with Daniel Czarnowske (Journal article, Replication package), Economics Letters, 220, 2022

“Worth the pain? Firms’ exporting behaviour to countries under sanctions” with Matthieu Crozet, Julian Hinz, and Joschka Wanner (Journal article), European Economic Review, 134, 2021

Working Papers

“Debiased Fixed Effects Estimation of Binary Logit Models with Three-Dimensional Panel Data” (Preprint)

“State Dependence and Unobserved Heterogeneity in the Extensive Margin of Trade” with Julian Hinz and Joschka Wanner (Preprint)

“Inference in Unbalanced Panel Data Models with Interactive Fixed Effects” with Daniel Czarnowske (Preprint)

“Fixed Effects Binary Choice Models: Estimation and Inference with Long Panels” with Daniel Czarnowske (Preprint)

“Fast and Feasible Estimation of Generalized Linear Models with High-Dimensional k-way Fixed Effects” (Preprint)

“Estimating Fixed Effects Logit Models with Large Panel Data” with Florian Heiß and Daniel McFadden (Preprint)

Work in Progress

“Distribution Regression with Fixed Effects and Weakly Exogenous Regressors” with Philip Berger and Daniel Czarnowske

“Latent Structures in Directed Network Models: With an Application to Cross-Section Gravity Models” with Daniel Czarnowske

“Estimation of Two-Way Fixed Effects Logit Models via GMM” with Cavit Pakel

“On the Incidental Parameter Problem in Fractional Response Models with Fixed Effects”


“alpaca: Fit GLM’s with High-Dimensional k-Way Fixed Effects” with Daniel Czarnowske (R-package)

“bife: Binary Choice Models with Fixed Effects” with Daniel Czarnowske, Florian Heiß, and Daniel McFadden (R-package)